Welcome to Legends from Mom’s Closet!

A place where NFT legends come alive!

Legends from Mom’s Closet is a collection of unique and iconic NFT legends available on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each legend is completely unique, created using over 100 individual features.

Rare, limited-edition, collectible NFT legends that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs that will be donated to a cause!

Collecting and trading cute NFTs is great, but what if your NFTs could also help a child that is left without a home or a soldier in need of food? Legends from Mom’s Closet will donate 100% of the Ethereum money to the Wallets of organizations that support the people in Ukraine.

Every legend is unique and exclusive. So you can own your very first legend today!


Why Legends?

Legends are designed to help the world be a better place. When you collect Legends, you’re directly helping humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

How can I get my Legend?

You’ll need an Ethereum wallet loaded with some ETH to get started. Next, you’ll need some Ether. 

Once you’ve loaded up some Ether, you can your own legend by clicking the “Let’s Go!” button at the bottom of this page.

How can I trade my Legends?

You can buy, sell, and trade your Legends on any platform that supports ERC-721-compliant tokens, like OpenSea.

How can I use my Legends?

You own the art of each Legend you mint. This means you can use them for any purpose that you’d like, commercial or non-commercial!